Strategic People Thought-Leadership for Businesses and Nonprofits

Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to accomplishing your top priorities. Get insightful and actionable insights for yourself and your team from a trusted business partner to help your organization win through your most valuable resource, your people.

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HR as a Business Partner

Amenti.HR has been successful adding strategic HR thought-leadership to many top global brands and we can help equip your organization with the tools, resources, and thought-leadership to help you lead an organization that wins.

Focusing on core people areas including talent acquisition recruiting, employee benefits and retention, and strategic people planning on average we help organizations reduce employee attrition by 65% and improve employee effort by 36% over 12 months.

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Our Approach starts with a Gap Analysis

We are passionate about helping organizations connect strategic dots faster.

Step 1

After our initial call, we begin at the evaluation stage where we launch your Leadership Team into a Needs Gap Analysis identifying Key Strengths and Opportunities.

Step 2

Next, we gather you and your Leadership team together for a 2-Hour collaborative discovery overview. We present the results of your needs assessment and highlight your opportunities for growth.

Step 3

Drive positive change. Partner with your dedicated Strategic HR thought-leader to create a 1-Page People Strategy and plot a path towards continuance improvement.

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Highlighting your areas of Opportunity

Every organization is different and faces unique challenges.

Capabilities of HR Function

The quality of the HR Function determines the return on investment an organization receives from their people. We create people-first solutions to help organizations attract and retain top talent that stays engaged and maximizes performance year-over-year.

Attracting Talent

Just as organizations interview candidates, candidates interview organizations. We help organizations create a value proposition to attract top talent.

Developing Talent

Employees stay with organizations where they can grow and develop. We help organizations develop future leaders by providing the tools and resources to keep your people committed and engaged.

Rewards and Benefits

Employee benefits are treated as a requirement rather than as a tool to retain talented employees. We help businesses save money and expand their employee benefits offering to create the community where employees feel belonging.

Employee Engagement

The first strategy many businesses use to retain employees is to pay their people higher salaries. This rarely works to retain employees. We show businesses alternative reward and recognition strategies to keep their people engaged.

Change Management

Change is a constant in business, but unfortunately half of change initiatives end in failure. We help business leaders identify key opportunities and create plans of action to ensure change is implemented with purpose and intention.

Strategic Planning

Most organizations have a current business strategy but fail to create a future strategy, for 2-3 years from now. We help you plan for the future, ensuring you have the finances, operations and talent to succeed now, and into the future.


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How does an Amenti.HR Thought-Leader compare to a coach, advisor or consultant?

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How Amenti is Different

  • We add psychological safety. We unbiasedly look at business issues with new eyes and fresh perspectives.

  • We hold you Accountable. We help you create a plan of action and support you through your journey.

  • We never accept, “This is how it was always done.” We help you find practical solutions to complex problems.

  • We are industry agnostic. We are ready to be your strategic HR voice or support the efforts of your current HR function.

  • We are dedicated. We are ready to be your confidential and trusted HR Partners for the short and long-term future

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